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Rodent Proofing Services

Rodent Elimination Services

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Service Description

Unfortunately, there is no one-price-fits-all method for a rodent control job. (Avg. pricing $500-$2500) Each job is different, depending on these factors: • Size of the house or building • Condition of house, and the number of rat entry areas • Severity of Rodent infestation • Building location, roof and attic access, etc. • Severity of Rodent contamination or damage The Rat removal process consists of these steps: • Full inspection of the exterior house or building, from ground level to roof • Full inspection inside the attic space • Inspection of all vents, plumbing pipes, A/C chases, etc • Sealing shut all entry holes with professional grade repairs • Setting rat traps on the precise areas of rat activity • Monitoring of traps and removal of dead rats until all are gone • Cleanup of rat waste and repair of damage • Sanitize and Disinfect in the areas where they have been traveling to eliminate any germs or diseases these pest may carry. • Services offer a minimum of a one year guarantee, up to a lifetime guarantee. We are a full service company that not only eliminates the rodents traveling in your home or business, we also do all types of animal proofing outside and interior to prevent the animals from coming back in the future. Our services offer a minimum of a one year guarantee, up to a lifetime guarantee. Attempting to control a rat or mouse infestation can be dangerous. The most effective rodent control requires an integrated approach. Rodenticide alone is often not enough. Additionally, rodent control requires rodent proofing, harborage reduction, trapping and increased attention to sanitation. For the most comprehensive solution, call/text us at 800-769-7988 or send us an email at

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Eco Pest Solutions, West Diversey Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA

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